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45 dresses later, Lauren found her dream wedding dress!

Lauren's wedding was one filled with fun & love, her dress experience was one I'll never forget!

Lauren's proposal was completely unexpected!

In Majorca in 2019, sat by the hotel entertainment, Lauren and Ryan decided to go to town. Lauren had her hair braided and Ryan said he forgot his watch so went back to the room to get it, but he was getting the ring! Walking along a coastal path to the town to go for some drinks, he got down on one knee in private just as Lauren had always said she wanted- no big crowds, no one else! Private and romantic! The wedding was the most perfect day! 27/8/22 at Wootton park. The atmosphere was amazing everyone commented on how well it flowed. There was so much to do all the time, no ‘Lulls’ which was Lauren's worst nightmare of weddings, the hanging around so they both put so much thought into everything and provided their guests with lots of entertainment such as garden games, live artist, bouncy slide, photo booth, golf, DJ, secret singers which only two bridesmaids knew about not even Ryan! Wedding dress shopping for Lauren was difficult, she didn’t know where to start and due to covid, she knew she had so many people who wanted to come with her, and many shops only allowed 2 guests. Lauren had two days shopping. The first day was spent around Stratford upon Avon where she went to Annabel Sarah Bridal as her second shop of the day with some bridesmaids and mother in law. They went to the first shop, which was daunting and she wasn’t quite sure if she had found the one. They then had some brunch and went to Annabel Sarah Bridal.

Lauren's experience - "Annabel Sarah Bridal was absolutely amazing, the environment was so relaxed, didn’t feel judged, offered lots of refreshments and made us feel so relaxed, no maximum guests, no maximum dresses. I found one I fell in love with, but had another day of dress shopping to go! I went to 3 more shops the week after with another set of bridesmaids and my mom, and found another contender but couldn’t stop thinking about my Annabel Sarah dress. My biggest regret was bringing so many people because their opinions really played on my mind about the first dress! We went back to Annabel Sarah with the second set of people to show them the dress in comparison. Annabel was so accommodating with an appointment in less than 24 hours. I’m sure she thought I was just messing around as I spent hours crying over two dresses, but kept going back to the Annabel Sarah one, except I had everyone’s thoughts in my head, so I told myself I wouldn’t look at any more unless I found one online I loved, but would only go for that dress. I went to another shop and had no joy! I then found a dress similar to the two put together, so went to another shop- I tried over 45 dresses in total in 6 shops and this one still wasn’t perfect, but then Annabel's one kept coming back! I then made an appointment to see Annabel again for the third time! In the meantime she went out of her own way to message me about a similar dress which had just come in that week. From the photo I wasn’t sure but thought I’d try it at the same time at that next appointment. Well, it was completely amazing and so different when I tried it on I completely fell in love, just me and my sister, and I said yes there and then! Annabel was so accommodating and spent so much time with me, I couldn’t have done it with anyone else!"

Lauren loved her wedding dress because it had the lace edges, which made the trim of the dress stand out. She liked the definitive end to the dress, it was beautiful. Lauren also loved glitter and princess dresses so this was always a winner. Lauren added a personalised glitter tulle layer into her dress to make it her own. The dress complimented Lauren's figure so well it was just amazing, classy, beautiful yet slightly revealing in a complimenting way!

Lauren's advice for future brides -

"Be picky with who you bring to dress fittings as everyone likes to be opinionated! Clique as I didn’t listen to this advice- but don’t sweat it! Whatever happens happens, you’ll always miss something or forget something little- but you can’t change it and you won’t notice it in the moment! Take time out of the day - just sit back and relax, even if this is at meal time! Have a bridesmaid or maid of honour you can tell ALL your ideas and plans to delegate jobs out. You won’t have time to think! "

The styling of the wedding day at Wootton Park was very important to Lauren and Ryan, Lauren spent ages looking at suppliers for every part of their day!

The amazing supplies all worked their magic and made the most memorable day! Venue- Wootton park Stylist- Wedding house droitwich Suits- Peter Posh Garden games- Warwickshire game hire Bouncy slide- bounce r us Photographer- Squire and Squire / Quinn photography

Videographer- Two towers / Flash photography Sweet cart - Sugar sweet brum DJ and Photobooth - CJs disco Live paintings - studio maarit

Hair- Elegence hair make up Walsall Make up - Gemma Clarke Flowers - Floral roundabout

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Podmore

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